My name is Enza and I am Italian. I have had the classes with Vanja since september when I met her in Haarlem. From the first meeting I was satisfied because Vanja is very friendly. You are free to make mistakes because it’s the right way to learn the language. With her the classes  aren’t  boring, You can talk about everything but at the same time she’s professional because it’s true that you can make mistakes and she’s the teacher so she has to correct you. Every lesson is different so it won’t ever bored you! The last thing that I would like to say is that Vanja offers the classes via skype, which  is really good if you are not in the Netherlands. Online classes are effective and pleasant too! If you choose Vanja you’ll enjoy learning english!


I have had classes with Vanja for a year and a half. After that period I am very thankful to her.
The most important thing for me is that I have learnt more in that short period of time than in all my life studying that language.
She helped me a lot to overcome the communication barrier that I had and thanks to her ,now, I speak more fluently. Moreover, I don’t feel ashamed when I have to communicate with the foreigners.
Her classes are dynamic, she uses various exercises to practice grammar but also listening and speaking.

Another positive aspect of Vanja is that the classes are tailored for the needs of the student and she is really patient.

I strongly recommend her to everyone!


I’m Ana, from Barcelona and I have been living in Haarlem for two years. I moved here to improve my English and I started classes with Vanja as soon as I got here. The lessons are dynamic and fun. She is motivating and tries to use interesting topics for communication activities. My English has improved a lot and I would definitely advise everyone to start having the classes with her.


I’m from Madrid, Spain and I’m living in Haarlem. My partner and I have been taking English lessons with Vanja since we moved to Haarlem. We have different English level and both of us have improved our speaking skills quickly, this was our main goal but not the only and with Vanja’s classes we are practising grammar, listening, writing and reading skills. Her classes are totally planned and personalized and she uses all kind of methods from traditional books to Ted talks activities. The lessons are very dynamic and she always encourage you to feel more confident and talk English naturally.


Attending classes at Vania’s has been the best investment I have ever done since I live here in the NL. I have been taking lessons for more than a year and I really surprised myself about the fluency I got thanks to Vanja. I attended many English courses in my life but I have never seen such a good improvement. Lessons are out of the ordinary and never boring, each activity is an ongoing training with excellent turns out. I suggested Vanja courses to some of my friends and I will keep on doing that. I really recommend to try her lessons: convenience and quality in a cozy place!


Hello!! I am Rebeca a Spanish girl who is living in Haarlem. I heard about Vanja from the other student who has been having the classes with her for a couple of months. She is an amazing teacher, I had a lot of homework to do because she knew that I was too busy to attend classes regularly. She was helpful not only with my English but she also gave me some information how to find another job when I needed it. She is flexible with the timetable and does her best . I am really grateful for all the help she gave me during these three months. I totally recommend her. Happy and smiling person, and a perfect teacher. If you want to learn don’t hesitate to call her.


I have been studying with Vanja for 9 months via Skype. Vanja is A patient and open-minded teacher. I can have a flexible schedule for my lessons. It’s perfect for my always changing working hours. She has a lot of materials according to my needs. I think now I have the ability to talk in English more easily, I become more organized, my pronunciation is better, and I have more confidence in English language.

Sylwia WnukPoland

Thanks to Vanja in a few months I broke my psychological barrier about English language. She her teaching methods are incisive and student-friendly. You have to study a lot, of course, but the friendly contact and the enjoyable approach make the lessons dynamic and spontaneous. And then, it is very satisfying when I think about my results and how with a very good teacher like Vanja is possible to learn very quickly and effectively.


The English teacher is a good professional, she helped me to talk more fluently and learn easily in a short time, so now I can speak English with another people and I can apply for a new job. The most of the classes were very dynamic and she gave me good books and exercises to practise English. I think it is a good opportunity for people who want to learn this language. Best wishes, Maria


Hey there!
I’m Carla Atzeni, I’m from Italy, and I’m currently living in The Netherlands.
I found Vanja on the internet, while I was looking for English advanced lessons in order to improve my conversational and listening skills. I needed that lessons for an important job interview so I also had a deadline to respect. I wrote her an e-mail and although she was on holiday, she replied me very fast and finally we scheduled my first lesson. She focused the lessons on a personal program she did especially for me. She knows how to approach to each person, and make you feel at ease with a flexible timetable chosen by you. Furthermore, she has such low fees affordable to everyone who need it. Finally, my job interview was successful.
I suggest her classes to everyone who want to start learning English or just improve it

Carla AtzeniItaly

+31 6 16494677




I am from Spain and I am here in the Netherlands to improve my english. I discovered Vanja’s lesson through a friend and she is the best. The classes with her are funny and enjoyable. You have an impr…

Susana Ruiz GondraSpain