Teaching philosophy

As far as my teaching philosophy is concerned, teaching to me is not just a career choice. I did not choose to be a teacher to have summer vacations, or an “easy” job. I believe that teaching is the opposite of easy. Especially in such a multicultural and diverse city as Amsterdam. For me, being a teacher means bringing the work to home, constantly learning new strategies, and doing everything to encourage and inspire my students to gain knowledge on their own.
As stated by Clay Patrick Bedford “you can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.I want to encourage my students to continue this journey, to expand their horizons and to express their personalities, values and ideas since they deserve a chance to develop their thinking and communication skills.
When it comes to teaching, in my opinion, the planning and sourcing before each lesson is crucial. I plan my activities carefully so that lessons are well organized. I discovered that additional exercises prepared beforehand serve me well when the lesson plan needs adjustment. I believe that my enthusiasm and preparation will increase the students motivation and attention rates’ that will result in better results. I think that instead of being encyclopaedia’s of knowledge students need to use the language skills in practice. That is why, I personalize students’ learning, vary my teaching methods and strategies.
The second point that should be mentioned is that teaching is supposed to be “student centered” and based on modern themes and practice. Teaching language is the most effective when fostered by affective conditions. I want to create the atmosphere that is challenging and motivating where the stress is facilitative. One of the chief goals is to provide input and opportunities for interaction and student output. Activities inside and outside the classroom should acknowledge and exploit our environment. That is why the input has to be meaningful and come from various sources.
I observed that whenever my students learn something new I do not point how much they need to learn but I strees what they have achieved so far. During my teaching experience I observed that confident and encouraged students make progress more quickly than discouraged ones. Living and teaching in The Netherlands gives me the opportunity to develop myself through finding the best ways of explanation (for example, grammar rules) to the students from all over the world. My way of teaching is positive and encouraging and I make a teaching hour challenging and of course informative. Moreover, as an ESL teacher in teaching in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) I always try to learn something new related withtechnological innovations because I search for new solutions to facilitate the learning process. I try to combine the best from traditional and modern approaches and methods of teaching.

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I am Vanja’s student for over a year, she helped me a lot to improve my pronunciation, my vocabulary and now I feel more comfortable speaking English, I can only say that she is a great teacher, very 

Helena Borges de Nascimento