Additional courses / Events

Book courses for Intermediate / Upper intermediate and Advanced learners

(English and Italian)

We organize learning courses based on various novels from different genres (mistery, fiction, detective stories…). You can practise your reading comprehension and conversational skills, learning new expressions, and having a good time while drinking a cup of tea. The purspose of the course is to help you to ”get rid of the language barrier”, improve and develop speaking skills and of course to meet new people from culturally diverse backgrounds and countries. It is a great opportunity for someone who is new in Haarlem and would like to increase confidence while speaking.

The new course starts in February and takes place in a small and quiet cafe / home (depends on the number of participants).

The number of the participants is limited (max 7).

Guided tours in Haarlem and Amsterdam!!!

(English and Italian)

Are you new in Haarlem / Amsterdam and you would like to learn as many things as possible about those two fascinating cities? Or you are a tourist whose time schedule is very limited, but you want to see the most important places of the city (Dam Square, Red Light District, Amsterdam Jewish Quarter, learn about the masterpieces of Dutch art and many more…). Our young and passionate professional tourist guides will help you to explore the beautiful Amsterdam and Haarlem in an enjoyable way. We will give you an introduction to the Amsterdam’s and Haarlem’s city centres and will explain you how Amsterdam (through decades) has growm from the small settlement to the one of the most famous cities in Europe. What sis more, you will learn about the history and culture of the Netherlands in general.

For the further information (dates / hours and the prices) send us an e-mail.

Discussion courses based on TED TALKS for Upper intermediate and Advanced students


Apart from the book reading courses we do organize the language courses based on TED talks (the series of innovative, educational and inspiring presentations). TED talks are perfect for evoking discussions, sharing thoughts and opinions on various topics. Moreover, the course will bring you other advantages as well. For example, you will obviously improve your listening skills (students are encouraged to listen actively and they learn useful phrases, expressions and familiar words). TED talks are also used to teach and to revise grammar. Some of the topics that are covered during the course are as follows:

  • Identity
  • Careers
  • Success and failure
  • Innovation and technology
  • Creative thinking
  • … and much more!!

Starts in February (for further information write us an e-mail)